Osinters was born in 2011 as an IT consulting company.  Five colleagues have decided that it is about time to consider expressing ideas and find win-win solutions between the software development, data analytics market from one side and the private and public sector on the other side.  We have noticed that IT business has not fulfilled its main premise of making life easier, rather, IT businesses, specially in Italy, have become mainly concerned in making profit by producing solutions that are able to save money only by reducing personnel.  Such solutions, while seemingly efficient on the short run for the client, do cause an unpredictable social damage and a stagnation that is unprecedented and unethical.  At osinters, we believe we can deliver cutting edge solutions that repay themselves by optimising business processes through mining big data sets for rules extraction to set best practices, boost your human resources performance and transform your business.  Such a process requires most often more skilled personnel, which make osinters an investor in people.  At osinters, we make sure our solutions save you time and money, upgrade your personnel skills and enhance your business processes.  We do not only deliver solutions, we deliver knowledge.  Welcome to osinters!