OptiRisk Systems

OptiRisk Systems is a UK-based company with a global reach that provides products and services for Optimisation and Risk Management solutions. OptiRisk serves customers across a number of business sectors including finance, defence, transportation and supply chain logistics. OptiRisk Systems offers products and services in the area of Optimisation, Risk Modelling, Portfolio Planning, Asset and Liability Management, Supply Chain Management, Strategic & Tactical Management, Scheduling of Transport Assets.


UNICOM is a specialist provider of conferences and public and in-house training in the areas of Financial Modelling & Risk Management, ICT and Management Strategy. It provides accredited training such as GARP Energy Risk Professional, Certified ScrumMaster and PRINCE2 and short courses and conferences on a diverse range of topics such as Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Process Improvement, Big Data, Agile project Management, Performance Management and may more. OptiRisk’s training is also delivered in partnership with UNICOM.

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a modelling tool for UML. It allows to analyze, draw, code, test and deploy. The application allows you to draw all types of UML diagrams, reverse source code for UML, generate source code from diagrams and elaborate documentation. The program is supplied with tutorials, demonstrations and examples of projects. The software is an English shareware version.


IBM ILOG is the largest supplier of Visaulisation and Optimisation Components, and has been, for many years, the leader in the development of Optimisation Software. We can resell CPLEX with AMPL.

Raven Pack

RavenPack's mission is to give clients actionable insight into large or complex datasets.
For nearly ten years, RavenPack’s team of scientists and researchers have harnessed massive computing power to deliver actionable insights into large and complex datasets.

Visual Paradigm

A recent addition to the universe of commercial solvers, Gurobi has been demonstrating constant improvements on speed. The Gurobi solver includes state-of-the-art simplex-based linear programming (LP) and mixed-integer programming (MIP) capability. The MIP solver includes shared memory parallelism, capable of simultaneously exploiting any number of processors and cores per processor.

Johnson Luke

Relationship Design consultancy. Specialized in developing relationships between brands and customers where data, relational sequences and experience design are built into a coherent engine


A marketer for every customer is what Neumann marketing automation aims to deliver. In a fast moving, highly connected world, things needs to happen at the speed of light and in laser focus in order to maintain an effective marketing machine