We offer an extensive range of services in the analytics area and cutting edge solutions in various quantitative areas. With a team of experts in Data Mining, we give value to your business data by implementing CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard for Data Mining). Our team of experts and business consultants are able to extract the right rules and decision variables from your data, by this creating to your business a solid base to implement efficient Decision Making Systems, Key Performance Indicators and Risk Management Models. 

Consultancy and Software Solutions

  • News Analytics.
  • Data mining of large databases.
  • Portfolio Planning.
  • Asset & Liability Management.
  • Uncertainty and Risk Analysis and Modeling.
  • Supply Chain Planning.

Rapid Prototyping and Training

  • Algebraic Modeling Systems.
  • Decision Analysis and support.
  • Optimization: Linear, Quadratic and Stochastic.
  • Scenario generation and simulation.